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Scheduling turnarounds and shutdowns is a highly complex and time-consuming task. There can be countless jobs to do, a multitude of resources, a cost ceiling in place, and everything must be completed by a specific date to return production to 100%. Facility and plant managers have to figure out how to allocate the resources to complete the jobs, do it in as short a time as possible, and be ready if something changes mid-way – all for the least money possible. Actenum DSO/Turnarounds scheduling software quickly solves the problem, allowing you to go from complexity to confidence, automatically.

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Optimize your schedule to align with your business goals

Fast and reliable, our AI-powered turnaround planning software is offered as a cloud-based or on-premise solution. It automatically schedules and optimizes thousands of activities and hundreds of resources. What’s more, it quickly re-sequences the schedule if any changes occur, such as an on-the-job injury. And, by linking a schedule to key metrics, Actenum DSO/Turnarounds provides immediate insight into how changes to that schedule will impact costs and your production goals, ensuring your schedule is aligned with your business objectives.

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