Advanced mining optimization software transforms operations

Today’s mining operations require continuous oversight, actionable insights, and contingency planning, just to meet daily challenges. Production operations, short interval control, maintenance and shutdowns, ore logistics, and reclamation all require a level of efficiency that is difficult to obtain without the right  mining software scheduling solution. Reducing non-productive time, allocating appropriate resources to all activities, and understanding the future impact of unexpected changes in today’s schedule enables management to make key decisions with confidence. Actenum DSO/Mine scheduling software is the tool to provide this insight and control!

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Insight and control at all times, with one solution

Actenum’s Decision Support Optimization tool for mining, DSO/Mine, is an advanced AI-driven automatic scheduling tool to rapidly and effectively build and manage an operational schedule addressing multiple aspects of mining operations, including core drilling, drill and blast, mucking, load haul dump, dewatering, and other critical activities, in a single, cloud-based or on-premise solution.

DSO/Mine rapidly creates multiple schedule scenarios, optimized on user-defined criteria, to answer questions such as:

  • How will this LHD vehicle breakdown affect production in 2 months’ time? How can we reschedule to minimize losses?
  • How much money can we save by using cheaper resources vs completing a job as quickly as possible? What does that schedule look like?
  • Is our contractor adhering to the lowest cost delivery time while not cutting any safety procedures onsite?
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DSO/Mine can also provide synergies between owner and contractor, especially in the case of contract mining operations. It provides a central scheduling optimization board that can be reviewed by all parties, easing knowledge transfer, collaboration, and accountability.

All scheduled activities are linked to Key Performance Indicator metrics, to provide immediate feedback on financial and scheduling impacts, as updates are made in real-time. Our Actenum DSO/Mine software helps organizations make important decisions faster, more accurately, and more reliably.


Easily integrate with industry software for seamless analysis and reporting

Actenum’s DSO/Mine seamlessly integrates with your other software including:

  • Spotfire
  • Primavera
  • In-house developed applications

Our integration enabling software:

  • DSO/Data – Link your DSO schedule to well-known reporting and dashboard software via ODATA.
  • DSO/Integration – Automatic, scheduled data import/export from any external database application.
Actenum Solutions Are Faster For Oil And Gas Scheduling

Get up and running faster

Implementing Actenum DSO/Mine scheduling software is fast, so you benefit from greater efficiencies right away.

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See the bigger picture

When moving equipment, adding crews, and making other resource decisions, DSO/Mine allows you to immediately see the impact on goals such as costs and production.

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Quickly respond to changes

When operational disruptions occur, such as weather or equipment failure, Actenum’s rescheduling capabilities get you quickly back on track.

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