Manage, forecast, and reduce your emissions with DSO/Upstream scheduling software

We are here to work with you as you incorporate a lower-emission energy future into your strategies. A critical enabling technology is a reliable and accurate software solution that helps to reduce greenhouse gas (GHGs) emissions through effective management and tracking. Our DSO/Upstream software, recognized as an industry-leading solution, provides accurate and reliable emissions management and forecasting capabilities.


Track emissions at a detailed level and easily roll up for a “big picture” view

DSO/Upstream makes it easy for you to track emissions from specific nodes of your production network, such as tank batteries, compressors, and flares. Emissions profiles may be specified for equipment by facility, location, county, or region. With detailed reporting at a granular level, it’s then easy to review summary reports to gain insight into emissions from the entire production network.

Run multiple scenarios to forecast expected emissions from various situations

DSO/Upstream’s emissions forecasting enables you to project expected emissions from production, operations, resource use, and field production infrastructure, over any timeframe and area.  And, multiple scenarios may be rapidly created and evaluated, using different emission profiles for resources and facilities. Tracking and comparing differences in operating or capital costs against the resulting reduction in emissions allows you to make both short-term operational adjustments, and changes to long-term field development plans.

DSO/Upstream’s emissions forecasting also enables you to:

  • Input variable carbon pricing, and project carbon tax costs over any time period.
  • Calculate scope 1 emissions based on resource days, for example, by tracking emissions generated by rigs, frac spreads, and crews.
  •  Calculate scope 2 and 3 emissions such as power plants supplying electricity to electric rigs.
  • Approximate flaring and methane emissions from production facilities.


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