Robust oil and gas asset plans, rapid and reliable decision-making

Building a robust plan for developing an asset means making rapid and reliable decisions about the best way to invest capital for maximum returns. Accuracy at the planning stage translates into smooth operational execution, so it’s critical to be able to capture all relevant constraints, evaluate each plan from multiple perspectives, perform trade-off analysis, and generate multiple scenarios before selecting the best. Actenum DSO/Asset Development Planning (ADP) software is a single tool that enables planners to capture all relevant planning data, for modeling and evaluation of multiple options.

DSO/ADP Advantages

  • Comprehensive planning capabilities, scalable from small to large assets
  • Rapid development of plans and budgets
  • Models asset network topology to capture all field constraints in plans
  • Models detailed production output, and cash flows for full insight into plan economics
  • Incorporates sensitivity and trade-off analysis to fine tune any plan in seconds
  • Scenario creation and evaluation for “What-if?” analysis and selection of the optimal plan

Push the plan to operations execution with one tool

Asset Development Planning capabilities are built into DSO, Actenum’s industry-leading operations execution scheduling software. Planning and operations execution is done in a single tool, in an integrated manner, so that a plan may be evaluated in the context of the available resources and field constraints at any time.

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