Increase productivity and effectiveness with our Best Practices Value Accelerator service

Actenum DSO software provides you with powerful decision support capabilities, together with advanced analytics, that rapidly identify optimal schedules to meet your business goals and maximize operational effectiveness.

Our Best Practices Value Accelerator service uncovers ways for you to achieve even greater efficiencies, productivity, and operational performance using DSO. It enables you to increase the value of your investment in the software.

Understand more and achieve more

The Best Practices Value Accelerator is a professional services engagement that reviews your use of Actenum DSO and suggests improvements that enhance your scheduling process and add additional value. We’ll rapidly show you how to tune up and optimize your current schedule and demonstrate potential enhancements and the advantages they offer. And we’ll provide you with a written report listing recommendations for further improvements to your process that will maximize value.

Easy 3-step process delivers fast results

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    Initial Conference Call

    Our experts will meet with you to agree on expectations.


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    After analyzing your schedule, we’ll conduct a workshop with you to discuss the results of our analysis and delve into your workflow and operations processes. We’ll also show you DSO product features you’ve yet to use, and review how they will provide you with additional value.


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    Summary Value Accelerator Report and Recommendations

    We’ll provide you with a Value Accelerator report that summarizes our analysis and graphically displays your usage of DSO product features. Then, we’ll conduct a DSO demonstration that focuses on areas where you can realize additional value, together with recommendations on how to move forward.


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