Rapid and reliable, optimized oil and gas scheduling implementation

To ensure that you obtain the highest return on your investment in Actenum software our Professional Services team has developed a rapid and reliable implementation approach that we call QuickStart.

Fast and low risk, a QuickStart project gets you up and running quickly, allowing you to realize business benefits in as little as 30 days. During the QuickStart project, we work with up to two users and deploy an Actenum DSO configuration tailored to meet your needs.

Proven in multiple customer environments, QuickStart includes:

  • Scheduling requirements gathering
  • Actenum DSO configuration and installation
  • Loading of your existing schedule data
  • User training

Integration with third-party applications

While implementing optimized scheduling during the QuickStart project, we explore any potential integration to other applications that may be required.  In a subsequent project, we implement the necessary integration mechanisms to either import or export data from third-party applications.

Actenum Oil & Gas Scheduling Implementation Infographic

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