SPE Tech Talk Webinar: The Journey To Operational Alignment Via Enhanced Scheduling

SPE Tech Talk: The journey to operational alignment via enhanced scheduling

This insightful Tech Talk discusses how modern scheduling software, along with effective business processes, can help with the real-world challenges facing offshore operations.

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SPE Tech Talk Webinar: Enhancing Well Delivery Performance Through More Effective Scheduling

SPE Tech Talk: Enhancing well delivery performance through more effective scheduling

This talk addresses some of the factors that are important in enhancing well delivery performance including a software scheduling solution that integrates data from all disciplines to give a 360⁰ view of operations.

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On-Demand Webinar, Actenum Corporation Banner

SPE: AI-Power: Elevating efficiency with advanced rig scheduling

Actenum’s Owen Plowman discusses current trends in drilling program scheduling and how AI-powered scheduling tools like Actenum DSO are dramatically increasing efficiencies and reducing cycle times.

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Hart Energy Webinar: Improving Well Delivery Efficiency Through AI-Enhanced Scheduling

With Hart Energy: Improving well delivery efficiency through AI-enhanced scheduling

Well delivery scheduling is a complex and critical process, with substantial economic impact. Done well, it maximizes the efficient use of costly resources such as rigs, warns of operational risks, improves organizational responsiveness to operational changes, and yields substantial economic benefits. Done poorly, the consequences can be severe: deferred production, cycle time delays, and increased costs.

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HP Podcast: Increase Efficiency And Effectiveness With Modern Scheduling Software

Emissions forecasting, managing and abatement: A novel technological solution

One of the most popular and important topics affecting the oil and gas industry is emissions. This episode is a discussion on emissions forecasting capabilities, tools needed by company leadership to manage present and future emissions responsibilities, key components in emissions capture and a novel technology that can help companies with emissions abatement.

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The Energy Fellows Podcast: Technological Trends Taking Hold In The Upstream Oil And Gas Industry

The Energy Fellows: Technological trends taking hold in the upstream oil and gas industry

In this episode, host Mark Stansberry, talks with Owen Plowman, VP of Business Development, about software technology and some technological trends that are starting to take hold.

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HP Podcast: Increase Efficiency And Effectiveness With Modern Scheduling Software

Hydrocarbon Processing Magazine: Increase efficiency and effectiveness with modern scheduling software

1990s-era scheduling software focuses on resource assignments and activity dates and not much else. Costs, material requirements, resource utilization/NPT, and the ability to create and evaluate scenarios for any contingency, are missing. DSO/Maintenance, Actenum’s AI-powered scheduling software, provides a 360° view of your operations.

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National Energy Talk Podcast: Improve Operational Performance Through Advanced Rig Scheduling

Mark Stansberry’s National Energy Talk Podcast: Improve operational performance through advanced rig scheduling

Operators are keen to use their capital as effectively and efficiently as possible, and so are always seeking ways to improve operational performance. In this podcast, Actenum’s Owen Plowman talks with Mark Stansberry and shares some of the significant gains he’s seen operators achieve from a focus on how their organization capitalizes on advanced software tools used for scheduling operations.

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Podcast Guest Spot: Improving Drilling Scheduling With Actenum's Owen Plowman

The Drill Down Podcast: Improving Drilling Scheduling

Oil and gas industry veteran, Marty Stetzer, hosts a regular podcast for EKT Interactive. A recent show featured Actenum’s, Owen Plowman, talking to Marty about how improving drilling scheduling can benefit operational performance, and, more importantly, how it can help you to avoid missing your targets.

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