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Using simple software tools for scheduling means your schedules will be hampered by simplicity

Why not use MS-Excel or MS-Project to schedule your operations? After all, they are simple-to-use software tools and enable you to build schedules fairly rapidly. The problem with such schedules is they are overly-simplistic, will hamper modeling of integrated activities, and don’t provide much insight into the impact of schedule changes and updates on important Key Performance Indicator metrics, (which is critical since the schedule must be kept aligned with business objectives at all times!) Additionally:

  • They require manual set up to model wells, rigs, and other resources;
  • They can’t make effective use of important information, like lease expirations, costs, and production type curves;
  • They provide limited constraint capabilities, and no ability to create and evaluate schedule scenarios;
  • The actual scheduling process is time-consuming and error-prone, because you have to make all decisions about how to arrange the sequences of activities and the resources that perform them, and you have to make those decisions “in the dark” because it’s very difficult to work out their impact;
  • Optimizing a schedule effectively is almost impossible.

Here’s why Actenum DSO is your optimal choice for scheduling

  • Easier management of operational complexity (for example, it can handle hundreds or thousands of wells, numerous maintenance jobs, etc.)
  • Increased confidence in the ability to achieve business objectives, such as production output and cost targets
  • Improved ability to rapidly respond to budget constraints, equipment breakdowns, or crew availability limitations
  • Reduction in risk of non-compliance
  • Increased performance and efficiency through insight into critical milestone dates
  • Helps reduce costs associated with moving equipment or with idle time
  • Immediate clarity on the impact and risks resulting from schedule changes
  • Improved team alignment and collaboration
Requirement Simple Tools Actenum DSO
  • Designed specifically for operations scheduling
No Yes
  • Configurable to address specific operations
No Yes
  • Any type of activity
Yes Yes
  • Any type of resource
Yes Yes
  • Any type of constraint
Very Limited Yes
  • Any type of objective
Very Limited Yes
  • Rapid and reliable updates
No Yes
  • Feasible at all times
No Yes
  • Schedule optimization
No Yes
  • Makes use of all relevant data for scheduling
No Yes
  • Access on demand
No Yes

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