DSO/Upstream product features

Products: DSO/Upstream

A comprehensive, configurable product that addresses your specific needs



DSO/Upstream is a completely configurable product. It was designed this way so that it's capable of addressing specific scheduling and data requirements that may exist in different organizations. We supply it with a “base model” configuration that is suitable for North American onshore upstream operations, and during the initial implementation—or later— this configuration may be extended to address scheduling requirements that are specific to you.


Configuration and implementation is performed rapidly and the entire process is usually completed within 3-4 weeks (including scheduling user training).

Well planning/delivery model

  • Developed and refined over ten years
  • Flexible and extensible to incorporate specific data or requirements
  • Create schedule templates that accurately represent your well delivery and facility activities


  • Resource-based scheduling (for example, facilities, rigs, frac crews)
  • Gantt chart schedule visualization
  • Automated schedule optimization with manual override and updates
  • Immediate feedback on the impact of schedule changes, in terms of important Key Performance Indicators that you define
  • Support for regulatory/ environmental stipulations and blackout periods on any resource, well, or area
  • Automatic enforcement of lease obligations (e.g., expirations, continuous development days)
  • Create and track any type of schedule milestone
  • Automatic offset well violation detection and warnings


  • Create any type of activity required, such as:
    • Leasing
    • Land management
    • Construction
    • Drilling
    • Fracturing
    • Tie-in
    • Workover
  • Automatically matches activities with appropriate resources
  • Configure any activity attribute or constraint required


  • Create any type of resource require, for example:
    • Construction equipment/crews
    • Spudder/drilling rigs
    • Completion/fracturing units
    • Vehicles
    • Post-drill equipment
  • Automatically matches resources with appropriate activities
  • Configure any resource attribute or constraint required


Scenario exploration

  • Compare baseline to actual schedule at any time
  • Perform “What if?” analyses
  • Save multiple scenarios for contingency planning
  • Compare scenarios to identify a best case scenario to accommodate economic and operational changes

Reporting and analytics