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DSO/H2O schedules and optimizes frac water availability

Manage frac water availability



With multiple stakeholders in the well delivery lifecycle, managing the logistics around frac water, and optimizing its availability, while satisfying operational and regulatory requirements, is critical to realizing shareholder value.


DSO/H2O combines information from DSO/Upstream drilling and frac schedules with frac water resource, permit, and cost data, matching water supply with demand. It enables water management coordinators to avoid costly changes or delays in frac jobs, by ensuring that frac water is available at the right place and time—at the lowest cost.

DSO/H20 schedules and optimzies frac water availability
DSO/H20 Infographic
DSO/H20 Infographic

Optimize Water Use

Optimize Water Use

Monitor actual volumes taken from each water source, and adjust subsequent water acquisition to take advantage of available volumes and permitted draws, at minimum cost.

Reduce Water Costs

Reduce Frac Water Costs

Reduce overall water costs by using the closest, cheapest sources, to minimize costs of bringing the frac water to a site.

Match Demand with Supply

Match Demand with Supply

Match demand with supply by re-scheduling activities earlier, if necessary. Optimize the schedule to use cheaper frac water resources whenever possible.

Handle Contingencies

Handle Contingencies

If the frac schedule changes, you may need to reschedule water access for a new time period. Easily adjust your water acquisition events and quickly determine the impact on costs and equipment.

Accurately Track Water Use for Regulatory Purposes

Track Frac Water Use for Regulatory Purposes

Calculate actual water volumes by well, site, or geographic area. Produce compliance reports in minutes to satisfy regulatory requirements.

Use Your Experience and Judgement

Minimize Production Disruptions

The frac crew is all set, but your water permits do not take effect for another two months. Avoid this situation using DSO/H2O to match permit availability and draws with optimized frac rig scheduling.

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