Optimized schedules crucial to successful execution

In situ recovery has been an ever-increasing and accepted method for mineral extraction around the world, making previously uneconomic roll-front deposits more attractive. And, with the current need for clean energy and battery metals such as uranium, copper, gold and lithium, it’s likely to increase as more and more companies focus on it.

To fully capitalize on this alternative method, an advanced, AI-powered software tool is required to build optimized operational schedules that are crucial to bringing projects to their full potential. Numerous activities, including permitting, drilling wells, constructing pipelines and extraction plants, as well as management of the concentration and fluid flow behaviour of the pumped barren and pregnant solutions, all require accurate and reliable scheduling in order to make critical decisions and operate at maximum efficiency.

AI-powered software guides decisions

DSO/Mine scheduling software, with its AI-driven optimization engine, has a proven track record of rapidly developing and improving schedules, supporting multiple alternative scenario analyses, and providing valuable insight to make key operational decisions. DSO/Mine can also develop a pumping plan with pre-defined concentrations, or even lay out over time economic recovery curves based on leachability of the mineralization.

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