See how Endeavor is saving hours and hours of monthly planning time, paving the way for a more productive future

With Actenum, Endeavor has significantly increased its ability to create a consistent schedule, and eliminated the need for laborious and tedious changes on the go. This translates into about 10 hours a week that’s now spent on more important work – such as forecasting and scenario analysis.

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Why Actenum DSO/Upstream?

Save people time

Customer example

“We saved $1.5 million in people time in 3 months”

  • Significant cost savings: An estimated $1.5 million saved in just 3 months of using Actenum DSO/Upstream.
  • Efficient meetings: Reduced from a 3-hour session with 20 people to a quick 15-minute meeting with 4 attendees.
  • Improved scheduling visibility: Instant visibility of the rig schedule and rapid resolution of scheduling changes and queries.

Boost and accelerate profit-making decisions

Customer example

“Scenario analysis uncovered a $45M opportunity”

  • Flexible scenario analysis: Enabled rapid evaluation of multiple drilling and completion schedules to maximize project value.
  • Adaptive scheduling: Faster response to operational and market changes through agile scheduling.
  • Profitable decision making: Enabled a decision to invest an additional $12 million, resulting in a forecasted (and realized) return of $45 million within 60 days.

Share and collaborate anywhere, anytime

Customer example

“We are scheduling with tremendous visibility into all activities of all teams, from drilling and completions, to facilities”

  • Accessibility and mobility: View and tailor optimized schedules on any device, from a desktop, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Streamlined collaboration: Easily share and exchange data, reports, and updates within teams, fostering a connected work environment.
  • Informed decision-making: Real-time alerts and comprehensive analytics ensure timely and accurate decisions, eliminating miscommunication and outdated information.