Actenum Corporation announces end of support for DSO/Upstream 4

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Actenum Corporation announced today that support for all DSO/Upstream 4 versions will end on 31 August 2016. This follows the termination of all DSO/Upstream 4 product development efforts in mid 2014.

DSO/Upstream 4.2 was introduced more than two years ago, and has now been superseded by DSO/Upstream 5.1 (which incorporates backward compatibility with earlier DSO/Upstream versions).

DSO/Upstream 5.1 is available to all active supported customers as a free upgrade. It incorporates many new features and capabilities not available in earlier versions of DSO/Upstream. In addition, DSO/Upstream provides a new configuration mechanism that makes it faster and easier to deploy and update as new client requirements arise.

Until 31 August 2016, support for DSO/Upstream 4.2 will be available as usual.

For assistance with migration to DSO/Upstream 5.1, or for additional information, please contact Actenum Corporation.

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