Paul Maurer, Chief Executive Officer

With over 25 years of management experience, Paul has a consistent track record leading successful teams characterized by high growth and rapid organizational change.

Prior to shifting his focus to early-stage organizations, Paul spent fourteen years at Oracle Corporation, most recently as Vice President, Western Canada. From 1987 to 2001, Paul held management positions of increasing scope and responsibility in Oracle's sales and professional services divisions. Before joining Oracle, Paul worked in sales, consulting, and product development roles at I.P. Sharp Associates, a global application service provider acquired by Reuters Plc.

As VP Sales and Services at ActiveState Corporation, Paul developed the sales and operational infrastructure that increased the company's revenue fivefold, leading to its successful acquisition by Sophos Plc in September 2003.

As President of CogentWork Consulting Corporation, Paul has provided management consulting on high-impact sales and marketing projects for medium and large software companies in the U.S., Canada, and EMEA.

Paul holds an MBA from the University of British Columbia and a BA from the University of California at Santa Barbara.

Junas Adhikary, VP - Product Development

Junas has over 17 years of experience in software development and has held positions as Research Scientist at SINTEF Informatics, and Chief Architect at Knowledge Junction Systems. He specializes in commercial software release practices and large development team management.

Prior to joining Actenum, he was a partner and technical architect at Girba Technologies Inc.

Junas holds an MSc in Computing Science (with a specialization in Artificial Intelligence) from Simon Fraser University, and is a certified Project Management Professional.

Darlene Henry, Manager - Services and Support

Darlene loves solving problems, achieving goals, and working with people.

Before joining Actenum she worked for 25 years as an independent consultant, providing analysis and project management expertise to multiple clients across a wide range of industry sectors: Oil & Gas, Energy & Utilities, Mining, Human Resources, Healthcare, Finance, and Government. She started her career as a senior consultant at Oracle Corporation Canada, Inc. in Vancouver.

Darlene has worked with global clients in the US, Trinidad, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, and Europe.

Darlene holds a BComm with a major in Management Information Systems from McGill University, and is a certified Project Management Professional.

Owen Plowman, VP - Business Development

Owen applies his enthusiasm, energy, and wide-ranging knowledge of the IT industry to Actenum's sales and marketing efforts.

Before joining Actenum in 2006, Owen consulted to various software companies in the Vancouver area on sales, marketing, and general business management projects. Prior to this he spent fourteen years at Oracle Corporation Canada, Inc., where he held various technical and management roles in both Vancouver and Toronto.

Owen has worked in the IT industry for over 30 years. He began his career writing commercial software in 1979. After his university studies were completed he was employed by Meta Systems Canada (an Ontario software startup venture), where he led the development team. While at Meta Systems he also worked on software development projects for various Canadian and U.S. government agencies and organizations, including National Defence Canada, the U.S. Navy and Air Force, Ford Aerospace & Communications, Singer-Link, and IBM Corporation.

Owen holds a BSc in Biology and an MSc in Computation from McMaster University, and is a member of the SPE.

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