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Elevate efficiency with advanced, AI-powered scheduling tools.

In today’s hyper-competitive environment, efficiency is the name of the game. One of the key places to find efficiency improvements and to understand what’s behind those efficiencies is in the company’s operations schedules. However, many companies are using simplistic and general-purpose tools for scheduling such as MS-Project, or even MS-Excel spreadsheets that make it extremely difficult to understand how any changes to the schedule affect costs, resource utilization, and other Key Performance Indicator metrics.

That’s where Actenum DSO comes in.

With its built-in AI-powered optimization engine and linkage to schedule KPIs, Actenum DSO enables companies to maximize efficiency, shorten project time frames, reduce risk, and achieve predictable and reliable production. All required data and constraint information is instantly available for use and in one place, so there’s no more time wasted switching spreadsheets to find a key item of information. What’s more, you can rapidly generate “What if?” scenarios to answer questions and make your entire operational activity sequence more efficient, and ensure your decisions are aligned with your business objectives.

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See how Actenum’s oil and gas drilling scheduling software can work for your operations

Benefits achieved with Actenum DSO/Upstream rig scheduling software

Saved $1.5m
in people time

in 3 months

Real-world examples

“We saved $1.5 million in people time in 3 months”

The VP of Operations at an IOC called us to say that his organization had saved an estimated $1.5 million in the first 3 months of using Actenum DSO/Upstream for rig scheduling. Formerly his team used MS-Excel to schedule drilling operations, and this required a daily meeting of up to 3 hours with 20 people attending. He referred to it as “the 3-hour argument”. After a very short time using Actenum DSO/Upstream the meeting evolved to a 4-person 15-minute daily session. The rig schedule was viewable by all attendees, the impact of changes was immediately visible, and questions about moving wells resolved rapidly.

Forecasted a
$45m return

within 60 days

Real-world examples

“Scenario capability for rapid decision-making”

Actenum DSO/Upstream’s scenario creation and evaluation capability is used by a leading US operator to rapidly analyze multiple versions of a drilling and completions schedule, to determine the appropriate course of action to maximize project value. Unlike many other operators, the drilling project schedule is frozen only for a six-week period, and this enables them to rapidly reconfigure their approach to the project in response to operational and market conditions. In one situation the customer used a DSO/Upstream scenario to determine the impact of a decision to spend an additional $12 million in one area of an asset. They forecasted a $45 million return within 60 days, and this proved to be the case.