About Us

What makes us different, makes us better

We’re a little different when it comes to collaborating with customers. We will stay in regular touch with you, no matter how long you have been with us. We want to ensure that you receive the highest value possible from your investment with us, and we are always ready to help you when you face new challenges that our Actenum DSO (Decision Support Optimization) software may be able to resolve. As well, hearing what you are doing and thinking is critical as we work on product development. We want to implement features that matter to you, and we will actively seek your insight into what’s going on in your world of scheduling.

We have worked very hard to ensure that we have implemented product features and capabilities that matter to you. These include automatic and manual scheduling, activity sequence optimization, built-in scenario creation/analysis features, team-wide schedule access, analytics, and more. Actenum software enables you to maximize project collaboration and efficiency, shorten project timeframes, reduce risk, and achieve predictable and reliable production.

  • Automatic Scheduling
    Actenum automatically builds schedules that meet your business goals and constraints
  • Optimization
    You benefit from built-in AI-powered optimization that finds the optimal schedule and delivers business value every time
  • Immediate Answers
    You get instant insight into the impact of changes on user-defined Key Performance Indicators
  • Scenario Planning
    Powerful “What if?” capabilities allow for rapid comparison of multiple scenarios, so you can always choose the best way forward
  • Rapid Implementation
    We’ll get you up and running fast, so that you can realize value right away
  • A Focus on Customer Value
    We have monthly technical conversations with all our customers, helping them increase the value of their investment in Actenum software, and learning what new challenges they are encountering
  • Customer-led Technical Innovation
    In addition to our internal thoughts on product enhancements, we work with our customers to pinpoint new features that should be added to the product roadmap, based on market needs
  • Easy integration with common BI and industry tools
    Our open architecture eases integration with external applications. An OData feed provides dynamic linkage of schedules to commonly-used reporting and BI applications. And our API enables bi-directional data exchange with common applications, such as OpenWells, ARIES, DWP, WellView, Peep, Mosaic, Maximo, Primavera, MS-Project, and MS-Excel.
Actenum Scheduling Software Benefits

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