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Go from complexity to confidence

Whether it’s sophisticated mining operations, oil and gas project management, multi-year drilling programs, decommissioning multiple offshore platforms, or facilities maintenance, scheduling in complex environments is a complicated task. Actenum’s AI-powered scheduling software is a single, cloud-based, or on-premise solution that simplifies the complexity, improves capital efficiency, and reduces costs, by ensuring that the right resources, assets, and people are always in the right place at the right time.

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Achieving cash flow predictability

When you’re scheduling complex operations, it’s critical to understand how you’re spending money over time. Commonly-used scheduling tools, though, provide limited insight into costs and spend.

How do you avoid negative cash flow and a deficit that hinders (or even halts) your operations?

Aligning schedules across
the enterprise

Does your company use one tool to schedule one set of operations and another tool to schedule a different set? When schedules aren’t integrated, opportunities for optimization are lost, operations aren’t always synchronized, and non-productive time and unnecessary costs may result.

How can you manage all activities, resources, and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in one schedule, and realize more efficient operations?

Reducing cycle time by
eliminating schedule gaps

Simple scheduling tools may show you how individual resources are being used, but they don’t enable you to see how activities are related to one another over time, and where unwanted gaps appear in the schedule.

How can you create an optimal schedule that minimizes gaps to reduce this non-productive time and minimize costs?

Actenum Oil And Gas Scheduling Software

What can you achieve with Actenum DSO Scheduling Optimization?

Hit production targets

Enhance business value by building highly accurate and reliable operations schedules that increase efficiency and deliver predictable performance.

Integrate operations for efficiency

Incorporate all types of activities for any set of operations into a master integrated operations schedule that everyone shares.

See the impact of decisions

Use “What if?” scenarios and advanced analytics to gain insight into how your decisions will impact key business metrics, such as costs and production.  And turn change into opportunity by adjusting an optimized schedule when necessary.

Model your operations

How efficiently are you using your work crews? What’s the average cycle time and can you reduce it? Use scheduling to model your company’s operations and see how efficient you truly are.

Maximize return on assets

Automatically align operational decisions with business goals, and maximize return on assets through intelligent, responsive resource allocation.

Bring together everyone

Work from a single-source, real-time view of the operations schedule on a laptop, smartphone, or mobile device, and get everyone on the same page.

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