Synchronize operations with corporate performance objectives

Actenum Corporation develops advanced software solutions that improve performance in oil and gas companies, by automatically synchronizing operational scheduling with corporate performance objectives.

Reduce non-productive time with powerful decision support

Actenum solutions simplify and improve operational scheduling, reducing non-productive time and showing you the impact of operational decisions on your objectives immediately.

You can adjust schedules as part of a continuous process, and ensure that business rules and constraints are always satisfied, no matter how complex your operations are, or how much change and disruption you experience.

Using Actenum solutions, you focus on maximizing production output, controlling costs, and increasing efficiency, instead of manually evaluating schedules. You create a scenario, and Actenum does the work.

Intelligent, responsive, and optimized operations

Actenum solutions increase shareholder value by enabling you to build better-quality and more responsive schedules that increase efficiency and provide predictable performance. With Actenum, you enhance collaboration by enabling multiple users to work from a consolidated view of operations. And because your decisions are aligned with important corporate performance objectives, you can maximize your return on assets through intelligent, responsive, and optimal resource allocation.